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Using the power of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Harkin documents your projects in unrivaled detail, quickly, and easily.

Photographs, video, 3D models, infrared studies, air quality monitoring- Harkin allows you to measure the expected, and discover the unexpected.


Aerial Site Photo + Video

From concept to finish, Harkin can document your site with high-quality stills and 4K video. Use aerial photo and video to provide timely updates as work progresses. Unlike ground-based photography, UAVs can easily be positioned in hard-to-reach locations for inspection, safety monitoring, or simply a unique perspective.

When your work is finally complete, let Harkin create stunning visuals to market and showcase your site, giving your clients an immersive, birds-eye view of the results.


3D Modeling + Mapping

Need a more measured approach? Harkin can create 2D orthographic aerial maps, and generate accurate, detailed 3D point clouds and models - our most popular products to date.

Our UAVs provide accurate 3D measurements that allow you to calculate inventory volumes, measure heights and elevations, and obtain CAD-ready models to use in layouts. Whether you're a site manager looking for quarterly stockpile reports, or a design firm wanting to get it right the first time, Harkin can quickly and easily measure up your site from the air.

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Training + Consultation + Custom Projects

Interested in bringing drone operations in-house? Our team has years of experience training, teaching, and integrating UAV operations into small, mid-size, and enterprise-level organizations. Our world-class training program doesn't just teach team members how to pass the FAA Part 107 exam to operate UAVs for your business. We will guide your team through every aspect of running a successful UAV operation, from hardware/software selection, to UAV piloting skills, to best practices reviewing and processing UAV-captured data. Learn how to be a UAV expert on your site- from the UAV experts.

Have a project that's a little outside of the box? We love the challenge. We've designed custom aerial sensors for factories and plants, created innovative UAV-based advertising, and have filmed aerials all over the world. If you have a problem that can be solved from the sky- we want to hear about it!


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